A New Beginning


First things first, you are probably wondering who the heck I am. Right? Well here we go, my name is Grace and am currently in my sophomore year in high school. I was born in Korea, but moved to Tanzania, Africa with my family, right when I turned four years old. (My parents are missionaries, which is why we moved to Africa) Eventually, I was put in a boarding school called Rift Valley Academy in Kenya when I was in second grade and stayed there until fifth grade. Ever since I was young, I loved travelling and exploring different places. Among  all the places I’ve lived such as Australia, California, and Canada; Tanzania will always stay engraved in my heart.  So, there, now you know a little something about me. 🙂

Now, what does Chakula for the Nomad mean? Okay, you probably know what nomad means. But, Chakula? Huh? Chakula means food in Swahili — the language spoken in Kenya and Tanzania. So, what’s the meaning behind the name?

I have recently become quite obsessed with cooking/baking, but particularly eating foods that are scrumptious and  healthy. Although, I am an amateur cook/baker, I like to try new recipes and LOVE food from different countries. Food is what brings people together. It brings joy and laughter when shared. I mean honestly who doesn’t like to eat?

So, the reasons why I chose the name Chakula for the Nomad is because

  1. Travelling plays a big role in my life and is something that I love doing
  2. I love to eat. Nuff said.
  3. Trying foreign food while travelling is something that I believe is important
  4. Like I said before, Tanzania is a country that will stay in my heart forever and so I wanted to incorporate some kind of word in Swahili

This blog won’t solely contain food and travel, although those will be the main focus, I’ll also be including random things like what I did for the day, exercise, diys, etc.

Hope you will like this blog and stay tuned for more!

A New Beginning

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